Save 45% on Philips True Wi-fi headphones with additional lengthy battery life

Moving from wired headphones to a bluetooth pair takes a lot for some, with some common misconceptions holding people back.

The first of these misconceptions is that after switching to wireless headphones, you are constantly struggling with a dead battery. This problem is easy to fix if you invest in wireless headphones with a reliable battery like the Philips True Wireless Headphones. You can listen to audio continuously for up to four hours after one charge. An additional eight hours are charged in the charging case – more than enough for a few days on the go.

One of the most common misconceptions about wireless headphones is that they keep falling out, and soon after you buy a pair you will lose one (or both) of the earbuds. In fairness there are many brands of bluetooth headphones out there that are not up to date in this area, but according to the reviews, this pair from Philips is adept at staying in place. One reviewer said, “These are very, very comfortable with three types of inner ear rubbers, they stay in my ears too.

“I usually have problems with inner ear headphones. They often fall out of my ears and hurt after a while. That’s why I’ve always stayed away from them. For me this is a really important aspect of these headphones. I can put them in my ears and they won’t fall out or hurt yourself once they’re in place. “

Another great benefit of these headphones is that they are splash and sweat resistant, so in light rain they can easily handle a sweaty workout or jog without fear of breaking them.

If you are using your headphones for business calls and video chatting rather than exercising, this pair is still a worthwhile investment. The earpiece microphone, echo cancellation and voice assistant make it easy to take calls when you’re on the go – you even have to touch your phone.

If all of these sound like the headphones for you, you’re in luck – they’re on sale now. They typically retail for $ 49.99, but they’re currently 44 percent cheaper, so you can get a pair for just $ 27.99.

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