Save £ 170 on Garmin fēnix 6X Professional at this Amazon flash sale

Garmin fēnix 6X Pro is a premium smartwatch that is equipped with everything you need to push the limits of your fitness and explore new challenges. Unlike other smartwatches, not only is this watch great for gym goers and runners (though it works amazingly for that, too), it’s an incredibly helpful kit for skiers and outdoor enthusiasts as well.

The intuitive watch can differentiate between skiing and climbing and then shows you the specific measured values ​​for the ascent or descent so that you can make the most of your activities.

The XC Ski Dynamics feature allows you to accurately read the actual training load of cross-country workouts, so you know how hard you are exerting yourself that day and whether you will have to work a little harder next time – it helps you better with every session become.

For all those who are looking for a watch away from the slopes that will help them keep fit, the fēnix 6X Pro also offers integrated animated workouts.

The watch shows you easy-to-understand cardio, strength, yoga and pilates workouts that you can easily follow on the watch screen.

Being able to take a workout routine with you wherever you go makes it so much easier to stick to a routine and is perfect for those looking for something that will make exercising easier when traveling.

For hiking enthusiasts all over the world, the watch offers extended navigation functions such as TOPO maps and ski maps for 2,000 ski areas worldwide.

The device also has multiple navigation systems and built-in sensors for compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter.

The advanced sensors in the watch track your heart rate and pulse, help you keep track of key health indicators, and let you know after your workout how long to rest before finishing another session.

The design differs from other smartwatches in that it is nifty yet sporty and looks just as stylish with a training set as it does with a suit – a good look for those who work hard and are more adventurous.

While this high-tech, feature-rich smartwatch typically retails for £ 649.99, it currently retails for £ 479.99 – saving you a whopping £ 170 off the usual price.

If you’re into this epic deal and want to grab the Garmin fēnix 6X Pro as part of this hot deal, You can buy it here on Amazon.

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