Save £ 110 in your BT broadband payments with this newest improve from TalkTalk

TalkTalk has some solid broadband deals right now, especially for those looking to save a few pounds. The internet company’s latest offers will be available through early September, so those whose contracts cannot be fully renewed can continue to take advantage of the latest offers.

TalkTalk compares its prices directly with BT and tells customers how much they could save by switching between the two companies. Since both are powered by Openreach cables, you can also log into TalkTalk if you have a BT broadband connection at home. In addition, this shared infrastructure also makes it easier to switch between the two companies. Under Ofcom rules, you don’t even have to bother calling BT to tell them you’re leaving – the new company will take care of all the hassle and end your current service so there is no loss of the before the new contract begins Internets there.

If you’re looking for the greatest savings compared to BT, TalkTalk’s Fiber 65 plan is the place for you.

With average download speeds of 67Mbps, that should be more than enough to stream Netflix shows and movies in the highest quality available (4K streaming requires at least 25Mbps, claims Netflix). TalkTalk doesn’t set any download limits, so you can spend all day and all night streaming without incurring additional fees. There’s also a free Wi-Fi hub built in for free, as well as 24/7 online support. TalkTalk says BT will save you £ 112.86 compared to similar speed plans.

If that’s still a little pricey for you, TalkTalks Fiber 35 is available for just £ 23 a month. In return, you get unlimited downloads with an average speed of 38 Mbit / s. You get the same Wi-Fi hub available with the faster Fiber 65 plan, plus 24/7 online support. It’s worth noting, however, that 35 Mbps may not be enough for a busy household with multiple jobs from home, downloading updates to gadgets, streaming music and movies, and more.

Both the Fiber 35 and Fiber 65 broadband tariffs can be upgraded to a ‘Fiber Plus’ tariff. These plans cost a little more. TalkTalk does offer some extras, however.

Fiber Plus broadband packages offer everything that comes standard on the standard plan, plus “SuperSafe” online security from F-Secure (worth £ 72) and an Amazon Tech Pack that includes the latest version of the Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker and a Amazon Smart Plug. These would normally cost £ 74.98 if bought individually.

For those who don’t know, the Amazon Echo Dot is a small smart speaker powered by the AI ​​assistant Alexa. With the Smart Plug you can switch any mains-operated device on or off with a simple voice command to Alexa. Elsewhere, the chatty AI can also be used to play your favorite songs from Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and more. Podcasts and audiobooks are also supported. Ask Alexa can also set alarms and timers, share the latest headlines, or tell you a joke.

All TalkTalk broadband plans have a term of 18 months.

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