Sarita Choudhury slips into her most glamorous function up to now


Choudhury, a self-proclaimed jeans-and-t-shirt woman, admits she was shocked when she first got the call for the show. “Really? Do you know who I am?” She laughs and repeats the conversation. She had recently returned to New York after spending the last year abroad in lockdown and was in the process of completing another project than that Script came up to her. The glamorous world of Sex and the City was far from her real life, which made her wonder if she could even make it. But a chat with Michael Patrick King, the showrunner, was all she needed. “He’s so bright and charismatic that the only thoughts I had were, ‘Oh my god, this guy has been around for so long. He created so many of these characters with Darren Star who initiated them, and I saw the brilliance behind them and was very excited, “she says.

Like many others, Choudhury is a fan of the original series, which he devoured in a single summer years ago. When I ask what character she is most popular with, she has a hard time landing with one person. She says that at one point she was a little bit of each of them. She was definitely a Carrie when she went through a severe breakup, but she also sees herself as an intellectual, so there are some Miranda there too. And if she really wants to be free, she is definitely a Samantha.

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