Samsung TV homeowners have simply misplaced an unique function on their televisions

No doubt more areas of the world will have access to TV Plus in the coming months, and along with PC users, that could mean those who have a browser installed on the TVs, or anyone with a streaming device like Google’s Chromecast in the Should be able to watch these new channels on their non-Samsung televisions.

This is great news for Sony, LG, Hisense, and Panasonic owners, although Samsung users may be a little annoyed that they have now lost that exclusivity.

Fortunately, if you own a Samsung TV, it’s not all bad news as users have just received another bonus channel on their big screens.

Just before the kids split up for the long six-week school vacation, Rakuten TV announced it would add additional family entertainment to its portfolio with the launch of the LEGO channel in the UK.

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