Samsung Jet Bot AI + within the check: House safety on wheels is lastly right here

Samsung Jet Bot AI +

RRP $ 1,300.00

“If you can afford its high price, the Samsung Jet Bot AI + is the best Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner yet.”


  • Home security patrol function works well

  • More efficient cleaning performance

  • Good at avoiding obstacles

  • Minimal disposal through self-draining system

I’ve never been satisfied with Samsung’s range of robotic vacuum cleaners. They were average at best, but never outstanding enough to put the company in the same sphere as iRobot or even Roborock. However, that may change with the introduction of the latest robotic vacuum cleaner for the home, the Samsung Jet Bot AI +.

A cursory glance at the bot is enough to raise your eyebrows, including mine, just for its stimulating design. Seriously, it looks like a mini tank on wheels instead of your traditional robotic vacuum cleaner design. What makes the Jet Bot AI + remarkable over other models is that it is a self-draining model and does a double job as a patrolling bot for home security. Some models do this, but none have yet assured me that they can do it effectively.

Finally a superior cleaning performance

One of the biggest reservations I had with the last generation of the company, the PowerBot series, was that they didn’t do a good job of picking up debris from corners and edges. Even after a few cleanings, cat litter was still scattered everywhere. Fortunately, that changes with the Samsung Jet Bot AI +.

Samsung Jet Bot AI + on hardwood floorJohn Velasco / Digital Trends

With the help of its integrated lidar sensors, it maps rooms quickly and easily and then cleans them efficiently with the typical S-shaped cleaning pattern. It works pretty well with hardwood floors, vacuuming up any tiny dirt, grime, and cat litter. Given my previous experience, I was pretty impressed with this particular Samsung bot.

Instead of being equipped with an ordinary underside brush with bristles, the Jet Bot AI + has a soft roller brush, which is more effective on hard floors than on carpets. Don’t get me wrong, the anti-static fibers aren’t curled from overuse, but it lacks the inclusion of an ordinary bristle brush when it comes to carpets. It automatically adjusts its suction to the surface, with a noticeable increase when it is moved on carpets and rugs – but I still noticed some animal hair stuck to the carpet.

Bottom of the Samsung Jet Bot AI +.John Velasco / Digital Trends

When everything is done, it will automatically find its way back to its combined charging and self-emptying base. The entire contents of the bin are disposed of directly in the bag inside the self-emptying base. This is less of a mess for me having to clean up every time the bot cleans, but just know that replacement bags for a pack of 5 are $ 40.

Smarter avoidance detection

It was noticeable from the start that this Samsung vacuum robot was light years smarter than the previous models. Thanks to its combination of lidar sensors and camera, the Jet Bot AI + exceeded my expectations in terms of avoiding obstacles and clutter – including some pesky cables that are known to be difficult to avoid. Although it was still stuck on one end of a ceiling, I couldn’t find it getting stuck in tight spaces. It actually did a good job of navigating tight spaces, which is surprising since it’s quite a giant.

Close up of the camera on Samsung Jet Bot AI +.John Velasco / Digital Trends

The Samsung SmartThings app displays the map of your home when the Jet Bot AI + first cleans and then automatically categorizes the rooms. He even managed to note down large pieces of furniture on the map, something I haven’t seen with other robotic vacuum cleaners. The card can then be edited to include no-go zones, which is useful for making cleaning more efficient.

Patrol routes when you are not home

Without question, the best feature of the Samsung Jet Bot AI + is its ability to act as a patrol when you are away from home. Think of it as your personal security guard, moving from room to room, watching out for your every move. While the live feed of the video can be easily accessed through the Samsung SmartThings app, you will need to install the SmartThings video add-on to view footage recorded later.

This is the best home patrolling robot that I have tested so far.

Well, I’ll argue that this is the best home patrolling robot I’ve tested so far, but it still takes some work to be even more useful. The only complaint I have is that it can’t go into patrol mode automatically. I really would have liked to have a geofencing feature that automatically activates the robot for patrols when I’m not home and then turns off when I’m there. Instead, you can only set one schedule for now.

Still, it’s really amusing to see the Samsung Jet Bot AI + leave the base to patrol different rooms in my apartment. It also doesn’t clean while it’s moving, so it’s a bit quieter and saves battery. When it enters a room, it ends up staying in one place, but turning every now and then. When the camera detects movement, it records the event and sends a notification in the app. This is exactly the type of home security that is needed most as it doesn’t sit in one spot like a typical security camera. There is still room for improvement here, however, due to its narrow field of view and fairly easy motion detection.

Our opinion

The Samsung Jet Bot AI + is the company’s best robotic vacuum cleaner to date – there’s no doubt about that. It’s also one of the most advanced robotic vacuums on the market, offering top-notch features like a self-draining system, intelligent obstacle avoidance and home security.

The latter feature is especially noteworthy as few bots really do a good job, but the Jet Bot AI + is the first to offer some level of confidence when it comes to home security. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s the beginning of what’s to come as more and more robotic vacuums become personal safety patrols on wheels. It’s Samsung’s best deal, but it’s also an expensive one at $ 1,300.

Is there a better alternative?

The closest competitor to this is the Roborock S6 MaxV, which also has a camera for better obstacle avoidance and safety. While it doesn’t offer that much of a comprehensive home security package, it doubles as a mopper – something the Jet Bot AI + doesn’t offer. Plus, it’s also better available for $ 850.

In terms of cleaning performance, the iRobot Roomba i3 + does a great job of cleaning every corner of your home in an efficient manner. In addition, it has a self-draining base and a far more attractive price of $ 600.

How long it will take?

There are certainly many components involved in the Samsung Jet Bot AI +. Cleaning the robot, removing tangled strands of hair from its wheels, and emptying the bag in the cleaning base all help to keep it in optimal shape. There is a one year limited warranty that covers it against defects.

Should you buy it?

Yes sir. It’s a really expensive investment, but given all the features it offers, it has some advantages.

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