Samsung is making massive modifications to Galaxy that would pressure customers to improve

Some Samsung Galaxy owners may want to upgrade their smartphones this month. That’s because the South Korean tech giant has just updated its support plan for its current Galaxy range, and some phones are now being removed from its monthly upgrade cycle.

Samsung has confirmed that it will end support for its Galaxy Note FE and Galaxy S8 Lite phones, which were released in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

As a result, these two Samsung phones will not receive any support updates in the future, which are critical to introducing bug fixes, fixing security issues, and more.

If you want to keep getting these critical versions, you will need to look around for a new handset.

And not only owners of the Galaxy Note FE and Galaxy S8 Lite are facing major changes.

Probably the biggest change will be noticed by the users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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So far, the Note 9 – which was first released in August 2018 – received monthly support updates.

From now on, however, Samsung will move on to a quarterly update plan for its former flagship.

It remains to be seen what happens next for the Note 9.

Judging by the form so far, Samsung could reduce the Galaxy Note 9 from quarterly to semi-annual updates as soon as the four-year mark is reached.

Alternatively, Samsung could completely stop supporting the Galaxy Note 9 after four years.

Here is a full list of the Samsung update changes introduced this week:

• Samsung Galaxy devices are reaching the end of support: Galaxy Note FE, Galaxy S8 Lite

• Samsung Galaxy devices move from quarterly to semi-annual updates: Galaxy A10s

• Samsung Galaxy devices switch to quarterly updates: Galaxy A03s, Galaxy F42 5G

• Samsung Galaxy devices switch from monthly to quarterly: Galaxy Note 9

• Samsung Galaxy devices with monthly updates: Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Flip3, Galaxy A52s

If you’re an Android fan, Samsung has some of the best support available for the Google-made operating system.

Earlier this year, Samsung announced a four-year support policy for its latest Galaxy devices, as well as models released since 2019.

Eligible phones that benefit from four-year support include the Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy Fold.

A few months later, Samsung went a step further and announced five years of support for the enterprise version of a number of phones including the Galaxy S20, S21 and Note 20.

This could be a sign of the future for Galaxy users in general. Previously, Samsung offered four years of update support for corporate phones before it was rolled out more widely.

So there is a possibility that the five-year update support could also target Samsung Galaxy phones from non-companies in the future.

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