Samsung is issuing one last warning concerning any plans to DELETE your photographs and movies

Samsung reminds customers to rescue photos from the Samsung Cloud – or risk losing them all. With the summer vacation now in full swing, it is possible that longtime Samsung fans have forgotten about the impending deadline.

For those who forgot, Samsung is removing the option to back up your photo gallery – including photos, selfies, and videos – to the Samsung Cloud. Presumably, the South Korean company has decided to cut its storage costs. With Google, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon, and a number of other companies offering the same functionality, there is no shortage of other options.

Confusingly, Samsung Cloud is going nowhere. The backup service continues to save copies of your contacts, calendar, and notes. So if you lose your handset or break it, your data is safe. However, photos and videos will no longer be recorded.

Likewise, all documents stored in the Files app are backed up on Samsung’s servers. This feature called Drive, along with photo storage known in Samsung marketing as Gallery Sync, will be discontinued by the South Korean company in the coming months.

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Samsung had previously announced that it would end its service in the UK, mainland Europe, the US and Australia by the end of May 2021. However, the smartphone manufacturer has now postponed this deadline.

In addition, the company has divided its customers into two different groups, each with its own deadline. If you’re not sure which group you belong to – just make sure all your data has been downloaded from the cloud and backed up with another service by the group 1 deadline, which is before group 2. Group 1 customers must download all files backed up to the Samsung Cloud by September 30th, with Group 2 customers having until November 30th.

Although the deadline is still a few weeks away, Samsung is warning users not to hesitate. It is said that waiting for downloads until the last minute is not a good idea because “as it approaches the final discontinuation date, you may not be able to download your data smoothly due to the increased number of users”.

If you act now, your photos will be deleted from Samsung Cloud before the deadline. Samsung will keep your pictures and videos for 60 days after you choose to download the data, or until the deadline, whichever comes first.

Samsung had previously teamed up with Microsoft to give former Samsung Cloud users 15 GB of storage space in OneDrive free of charge for a year. However, the deadline for this offer expired on August 12, 2021. Microsoft usually provides a data volume of 5 GB for free OneDrive accounts, with anyone who needs more storage space having to pay a monthly fee.

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