Samsung Galaxy Professional 360 5G within the take a look at: stable Home windows 11 laptop computer, however not with out errors

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After months of endless bans, millions of us are finally on our way again and that means it may be time to invest in a new portable PC. And as if on cue, Samsung released a laptop that could be exactly what some Windows fans have been waiting for. The new Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G from the South Korean company not only offers a razor-sharp display and a lightweight design, but also, as the name suggests, access to the latest 5G data speeds. This is a very tempting proposition on paper, but what is it really like to use? put the Pro 360 5G through its paces and here’s what we think.

Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G review

The new 5G-enabled Galaxy Book Pro 360 looks almost identical to the standard model that launched earlier this year. But that’s no problem. Pull it out of the box and you will be immediately amazed at how thin and light this laptop is. Weighing only 1.1 kg, it is ideal for anyone who wants to work away from the home office, as you will hardly notice this laptop when it is in your backpack.

Samsung is launching its new 5G powered model in one color, Mystic Silver, which looks really good and is far more futuristic than the boring black that many Windows laptop users seem to be clinging to.

Of course, just like its brother, the Pro 360 5G can be flipped open and turned into a tablet, which makes this device perfect for some work and then a quick box set binge when all the emails have been sent to the boss. It’s a really nice feature on these laptops, and the hinge that makes all of this possible feels solid and sturdy enough to withstand years of use.

In addition to the great design, you will also be impressed by the 13.3-inch Super AMOLED touch display. Samsung is still one of the best when it comes to screens, and the Pro 360 5G offers an engaging experience with rich colors and deep blacks that add a lot of pressure.

Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 5G review

Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 5G comes with an S Pen stylus (Image: SAMSUNG)

It’s also nice and bright, which makes it just as easy to use outdoors as it is at a desk. If you spend all day working on Word documents and answering endless emails, you will find a very nice backlit keyboard that is pleasant to use.

There’s also a fingerprint scanner built into the top left of the keyboard, which is useful … or if it works reliably. While sometimes pressing the button has the desired effect, most of the time it just turns off the screen, which is quite annoying.

Another thing that doesn’t exactly stand out about this laptop is the trackpad, which feels pretty cheap and gross. It makes a really uncomfortable hollow sound when you click around the screen and we definitely used better ones – especially at this high price of £ 1,300.

Fortunately, connectivity is improving with this new laptop with 5G data technology. That means you can insert a SIM card and unlock access to some incredibly fast internet speeds when you’re not on landline broadband.

Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 5G review

Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 5G review (Image: SAMSUNG)

If you can find a 5G signal, you can easily get 300Mbps downloads, which is faster than most landline broadband connections.

It’s a really nice addition and eliminates the need to tie your laptop to a phone when trying to check email on the train. The only thing to note is that the SIM card is not included and will cost you extra. For example, a 120GB deal from EE will set you back around £ 20 a month.

Other features worth mentioning include three USB-C ports placed on both sides of the case, loud AKG speakers and a microSD card slot if required.

Samsung also ships its laptop with an S Pen pen so you can scribble on the screen. It’s another nice touch, though annoyingly it has nowhere to keep in the laptop and we have a feeling that this digital pen is going to be lost pretty quickly.

Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 5G review

Samsung’s Galaxy Pro 360 5G has a fingerprint scanner on the keyboard (Image: SAMSUNG)

When Samsung launches this laptop in October, you will find that it is running the latest version of Windows 11, which means you will get new features like a new Start menu, better compatibility with Teams, and information-rich and fully interactive widgets obtain. The Microsoft Store – which provides access to games, apps, and more – has also been redesigned from the ground up to make it easier to find what you’re looking for in the property.

If you are looking for an extremely powerful laptop, this may not be the device for you. Our model comes with an Intel i5 processor, which is fine for a little bit of work and photo retouching, but it starts to stutter as soon as you push it forward with 4K video editing and top-end gaming.

Although this processor lacks some power, the battery life is solid as it lasts a full day and once empty it can be charged from empty to full in about an hour.

Finally, if you’re making endless video calls with zoom, Samsung only includes a 720p webcam which is fine but doesn’t make you look like a Hollywood superstar chatting with the office.

Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 5G review

Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 5G review (Image: SAMSUNG)

Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G Review: Final Verdict

There’s a lot to like about the Pro 360 5G, including the sleek design, stunning screen, beautiful keyboard, and instant access to 5G data speeds. There are plenty of USB-C ports too, and the fact that the display converts into a tablet is a big bonus for those looking for a laptop for both work and play.

It’s a solid machine, but it’s not without its flaws.

The fingerprint scanner is a bit of a disaster, the trackpad could be better, there’s just a very average webcam, and the processor certainly won’t win any races in terms of speed.

At over £ 1,300, it’s also very expensive, especially for a machine with such a long list of defects.

If you’re looking for an ultra-portable 5G-enabled laptop, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G is worth considering. But be aware of the pitfalls before you buy.

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