Samsung brings its greatest options for Galaxy smartphones to its Home windows 10 laptops

Samsung has launched a trio of Windows 10 laptops inspired by its best-selling Galaxy smartphones. These new portable PCs come with a super slim design, touch screens, and built-in super fast downloads when you don’t have WiFi. With some that even offer 5G speeds over 300Mbps, it might be better to connect to that cellular signal than your slow old home broadband.

The most impressive product in the range is the new Galaxy Book Pro 360, which is as thin as a flagship smartphone but still has enough features to support you in your daily digital tasks.

As the name suggests, the Pro 360 has a flip screen that turns it into a tablet, and it’s fully compatible with the Samsung S pen pen so you can scribble and write without using your finger. It is available in two sizes, with the smaller 13.3-inch weighing just over 1 kg.

If you don’t mind that pliable display, there’s also the Galaxy Book Pro, which gets an even lighter design – at just 0.8kg, you might forget it’s even in your pocket.

Both the lightweight Galaxy Book Pro and the bendable Galaxy Book Pro 360 have AMOLED screens that should provide a stunning visual display. The ads automatically adapt to your work. This means that Netflix binges look like a movie screen, while the colors are more realistic when editing photos.

Elsewhere, you also get dynamic sound from both machines thanks to the integration of Dolby Atmos. According to Samsung, this offers an even more immersive audio experience. You can also connect your new Galaxy Book laptop to a Samsung tablet for a dual-screen experience.

If you have to knock out some emails, Samsung has also made some big improvements to its keyboard that should offer better travel, wider keys, and a quieter design that should stop annoying those annoying work colleagues. A larger and more responsive trackpad is also included.

For those endless zoom calls, there’s a new microphone system that can cancel out background noise to ensure you’re heard loud and clear.

Another clever feature available for these devices is what Samsung calls Intelligent Performance Manager, which allows the fan inside the case to be adjusted based on where and when you are using the laptop. With a clever AI, these machines can exercise with the laptop on your lap and make sure things stay a lot cooler.

When you find yourself in a quiet library, the PC can run almost silently to make sure you don’t bother anyone. Samsung also boasts that its new laptops can survive life on the street and have been tested for drops, temperatures, dust, and even salt spray in case you are working on the beach.

If you need to connect accessories, you’ll find USB-C ports and a microSD card slot. The Book Pro also has a USB-A port.

If security is your concern, Samsung has made numerous improvements to keep it safe, including a new secret screen mode that makes it impossible for the person sitting next to you on the train to read what’s on is shown on the display.

When someone tries to log in, the new security camera takes a snapshot of them and emails it to you.

Prices start at £ 1,099 for the Galaxy Book Pro and £ 1,199 for the Pro 360. For those looking for a cheaper option, there is the standard Galaxy Book, which features a less pixel-rich LCD screen and a less portable design with a thicker and heavier design. This laptop goes on sale from £ 699.

“With the Galaxy Book series, we’ve addressed some of the bigger computer-related issues in the industry – including connectivity, battery and file sharing, to deliver a truly mobile experience,” said James Kitto, vice president of sales for Samsung UK & Ireland.

“We believe the Samsung Galaxy Book Series is seamlessly connected to our Samsung Galaxy ecosystem and will future proof our customers as the UK opens up. It offers performance, connectivity and portability in the new era of how we work and play. “

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