Salt and Pepper Diamonds: All of your questions answered

In today’s blog we answer all of your questions about our favorite alternative gemstone – salt and pepper diamonds! If they are more fragile, are they more sustainable and what makes one stone salty or pepperier than another? Read on for the full tea on salt and pepper diamonds!

What do you think of salt and pepper diamonds?

We love her! We love their cosmic atmosphere and the fact that every single stone is unique. It is almost impossible to find two identical types of salt and pepper. And these inclusions you see show the stone’s unique path on this planet over billions of years – it’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

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Are salt and pepper diamonds more prone to breakage than a traditional diamond?

A well-cut salt and pepper diamond should be just as durable as a traditional white diamond. Problems can arise with surface-rich inclusions – these inclusions extend to the outer surface of the diamond and can be found in both salt and pepper diamonds and white diamonds.

Why high surface inclusions can be a problem:If the surface-rich inclusion is in a prominent place (in a place that can be easily bumped or hit) on the stone, this can affect the durability. If this type of inclusion were in a less prominent location, such as on the underside of the stone protected by the setting, it would not pose the same risk.

Since salt and pepper stones have more inclusions overall (which is why they are in demand), there are more surface-reaching inclusions. However, if you want to avoid these types of inclusions, there are still an infinite number of salt and pepper stones to choose from.

Your best choice to find the most beautiful, most durable stone for your design: work with a trusted jeweler who will do all the sourcing and checking for you. We hand select every single stone we buy, always making sure you get the most beautiful, durable, and magical stone for your dollar. We work really hard to check all of our stones to make sure they don’t have these inclusions.

It is also generally believed that the stone was under tremendous pressure on the cutting wheel while it was being cut. If the surface that reaches the inclusion is not at risk to the stone and it breaks in this scenario, then in real life it is unlikely to be exposed to a more pressure scenario and unlikely to pose a durability risk to the stone.

But aren’t white diamonds considered unbreakable?

No, it’s a common myth – all diamonds can break under harmful circumstances. They have an unbreakable reputation for being the toughest gemstone, but that doesn’t make them invincible. So taking good care of your diamonds is very important to ensure they will last a lifetime (or longer)!

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