Roku simply introduced an improve for TV house owners, and it sounds prefer it’ll save your time


Roku tries to solve one of the biggest problems with watching TV with an external soundbar, which can often involve juggling between multiple remotes, losing an HDMI output, or downloading another new app on your smartphone to tweak settings and sound settings. .. The company has added a number of manufacturers to its Roku TV Ready certification system that allows supported soundbars to integrate with the audio settings and volume controls built into the Roku software that powers Roku televisions. This means that even if your soundbar came with a separate remote control or instructions for downloading an app, you can plug it in and use the same menu as you would for all other settings on the TV – handy!

The Roku TV Ready certification system has been around for a while, but the latest addition brings with it a number of big brands, including Polk Audio and Westinghouse. Those brands will be added next year, says Roku. These soundbar manufacturers join Philips, JVC and Element.

While some of the earliest Roku TV Ready certified soundbars had to be connected via HDMI, e.g. wirelessly. For example, the TCL Roku wireless TV soundbar needs to be plugged in, but that’s it. No additional cables are needed as all of the settings you want to change on a soundbar – EQ, volume – are available in the same menu that is used for everything else on your Roku-powered smart TV.

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Roku is a direct competitor to Google’s Android TV and Amazon’s Fire TV, both of which come pre-installed on both smart TVs and standalone devices. With the integration of the operating system, you don’t have to do without one of your HDMI ports to access popular streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV +, apps for fitness classes, games and more. Roku, Android TV and Fire TV all have voice search functionality too, so you don’t have to hassle typing the name of your favorite show, actor, director or movie to find it in the wide range of catch-up and streaming apps.

Roku also sells its own soundbar – with the same functionality as the built-in plug-and-play HDMI dongles. That means you can upgrade the audio from your setup and access a dizzying array of new streaming services by plugging in a single device. Of course, if you own a Roku TV with one of the Roku TV Ready certified speakers, you get the same experience without losing any of your HDMI ports.

The next batch of Roku TV Ready certified soundbars will hit shelves in the first few months of the new year.

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