Rings in Fall 2020: 5 new thrilling jewellery traits to check out

We all longed to be able to go outside safely. Visit a favorite museum, try a new tasting menu at a local restaurant, curl up on a park bench with a favorite book, or laugh and learn all about our friends and colleagues. Quarantine or not, who doesn’t want to look good?

Today we’re delving into the latest jewelry trends, especially rings – arguably the most effortless accessory of all. We hope our round-up will inspire you to try something new this fall and add a much-missed shine to your outfit.

Nothing monochromatic

The Fall / Winter 2020 fashion collections were full of color, and that included mixing multiple colors into a single piece of jewelry. Rings were no exception to the rule, and if clinging to gold and silver seems a little boring to you, then definitely try adding colorful gemstone rings to your jewelry rotation. Opting for antique or vintage rings in this category is sure to bring a particularly interesting twist. Plus, these are of better durability and undoubtedly more refined craftsmanship than what is currently offered by bulk traders.

An intricate texture

On the catwalk, some interestingly decorated pieces of jewelry were highlighted: from rustic patchwork-like to antique-like patterned engravings. Vintage and antique jewelry has fascinated fashion designers for centuries with elaborate decorations and exceptionally characteristic natural patterns that couldn’t be more appropriate in autumn, when nature changes so dramatically.

Pearls are as beautiful as ever

Pearls are just as strong for fall / winter 2020 as they were for spring / summer this year or 50 years ago. The classic material is no longer seen exclusively as a necklace or earrings, but also as rings and stackable rings. When choosing pearl rings, pay attention to the quality of the pearl – is it freshwater pearl, is it a fake pearl, etc. – and what is the pearl set like. Nowadays, a large piece of pearl is simply glued onto the metal foundation of the respective piece of jewelry. These may not last long.

Sophisticated enamel is in … again

Enamel designs have seen several high fashion returns over the past decade. The reason for this is that special skills are required to make an enameled piece of jewelry, and jewelry makers with such skills are rather rare. This makes these pieces of jewelry – be it glass enamel or porcelain enamel – very, very special, exclusive and therefore very popular.

For this type of jewelry, it may be better to find a reputable antique dealer. These are the rings that have stood the test of time and whose craftsmanship as a rule of thumb is superb. Enameled jewelry is generally considered a good investment as its value only increases over time.

David Webb Sapphire Ring

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