Ring Alarm Professional Evaluate: Peace of Thoughts When You are within the Darkish


Bell Alert Pro

RRP $ 300.00

“Never worry about power or internet outages again, because the Ring Alarm Pro will continue to work.”


  • Double as a Wi-Fi 6 router

  • Backup of the internet for all devices

  • Lots of accessories to expand the system

  • Battery backup in the event of power interruptions


  • Separate app required for router settings

I have been using the Ring Alarm (2nd Generation) for almost a year now and have had very few complaints about the system or service. It kept me informed of what was going on in my apartment when and not being there, while frequent updates of Ring’s services made the experience even more enjoyable. Add to this the range of Ring devices and accessories, and it becomes child’s play if you are looking for a complete all-in-one security system for your home.

How can Ring do it better? Maybe by making sure that all of my devices stay connected even when the power and internet go down. The Ring Alarm Pro serves this purpose but is different from other offerings in that it effectively acts as an Eero Wi-Fi 6 router to keep not only your Ring devices active and connected, but everything else on the network as well.

Setup and installation

The Ring Alarm Pro is available in a variety of configurations – which is good because it covers both small and large spaces – with the ability to add accessories to the system at any time. The five-part basic kit costs US $ 200 and consists of a base station, keyboard, contact sensor, motion detector, and range extender. I tested the eight-piece kit ($ 300) which has everything that is in the five-piece but includes three additional contact sensors.

Ring Alarm Pro in the closet.

In contrast to the Ring Alarm (2nd Gen), which I had hidden on a corner table, the Ring Alarm Pro has to be placed near your internet modem. If you already have a modem gateway that doubles as a router, you will need to connect the Ring Alarm Pro with an Ethernet cable. After setting it up through the Ring app, the only problem I stumbled across was connecting my previous sensors. They just didn’t want to connect at first, but updating the Ring app seemed to fix the problem.


The Ring app went through a lot of updates, but it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate the app to find various settings. If you’ve been a long-time Ring user, you shouldn’t have much of a problem, but for anyone new to it, you need to look into the app seriously. Regarding arming / disarming the security system, I like that the option is conveniently available right from the main screen. If there is one critical feature I would recommend enabling it is setting up the geofence – so that you will be automatically notified of arming / disarming the system based on your phone’s GPS location.

In order to access or change some of the router settings, you will need to do so through the Eero app. This can cause confusion for some people as it is technically a separate app, but it is required if you are monitoring traffic on your network, changing the settings of the router, and adding additional Eero Wi-Fi 6 mesh extenders want to add. Personally, I would have preferred some of these options to be accessible through the Ring app as it means one less app to manage.

Home security performance

During the time I have been using the Ring Alarm (2nd gen.), I have never had any problems. Whenever a door or window opens, I am informed about these events via the app, which can be combined with other automations, e.g. If you have pets nearby, I also recommend adjusting the sensitivity of your motion sensor as they can set off the alarm if they move. This happened once a year that I was using Ring Protect Plus, and I got a call from Ring’s professional surveillance service.

Ring motion sensor attached to the wall.

I really like that there are so many accessories connected to the Ring Alarm Pro home security system that you can sleep knowing that you are protected. Beyond the usual sensors, there are those that can detect other hazards – like water collecting on a floor or even being able to watch out for fire / carbon monoxide sirens that you may already have.

Some home security systems can become vulnerable, but the Ring Alarm Pro cannot.

What really sets the Ring Alarm Pro apart from other home security systems is that it provides backup support for internet and power outages. This is not new in and of itself as other systems have similar automations, but what differs from Ring’s offering is that Internet backup is available for all devices – not just the Ring Alarm Pro and its connected sensors. Would you believe it would work?

I tested this by unplugging the Ethernet cable connected to the Ring Alarm Pro from my modem, as well as the power cord. Within a minute, I received a notification that the Ring Alarm Pro was running on battery power and backup internet. I was very surprised to see that all of my devices, such as my laptop and smartphones, were still connected so I could keep working. Ring Protect Plus includes 3 GB of backup data service, but you can sign up for additional data through the Ring app for $ 3 per GB.

Bell alarm keypad on the table.

Fortunately, I haven’t experienced an emergency situation, but I like how the Ring Alarm Pro takes that extra step to provide protection in other situations. Take, for example, an evening storm that cuts power for a few hours. Some home security systems can become vulnerable, but not the Ring Alarm Pro, which goes beyond that by providing total security.

WiFi 6 mesh router

There’s no denying that I love multifunctional devices that eliminate the need to buy multiple devices – and the Ring Alarm Pro is one of them! Part Home Security Hub, part Wi-Fi 6 Router, it helps a growing smart home by expanding Wi-Fi coverage. Before installing the Ring Alarm Pro, I used an Eero mesh WiFi router with two other extenders in other parts of my home. Exchanging it with the Ring Alarm Pro and connecting the existing extenders was a breeze.

I appreciate the convenience of being able to expand the coverage when I move into a larger room.

Usually devices in my bedroom were struggling to stay connected to my living room router, but the Wi-Fi 6 mesh extender I set up helped fix the problem. Although my apartment is about 1,000 square feet, I value the convenience of being able to expand coverage if I ever move to a larger room with the Ring Alarm Pro. I can also see which connected devices are consuming the most data and even have the option to pause data usage. For parents, this is an incredibly powerful tool for managing device usage throughout the day.

Our opinion

Ring was a pioneer in the video doorbell space and has expanded into other categories to further expand its ecosystem. With the Ring Alarm Pro, it is the iterative home security system that needs to be beaten right now because it will really continue to protect your home if there is an emergency. Other systems have problems when the power or internet goes out and some of your other devices are left in the dark, but the Ring Alarm Pro keeps chugging like nothing happened. And. oh yes it doubles as a Wi-Fi 6 mesh router!

Is there a better alternative?

Nothing matches the depth and utility that the Ring Alarm Pro offers, but SimiplSafe’s home improvement security system is the closest competitor. While it may not have as many accessories and devices as Ring, SimpliSafe offers one of the best professional home monitoring services out there. In addition, many of the key devices, such as the base station and Smart Lock, are beautifully designed to match any decor.

How long it will take?

If the previous iteration of Ring is any indication, the Ring Alarm Pro should remain in good working order for a long time. Since this is a router and remains stationary, there is a very small chance of damage to it – even more so if you’re like me and place it in a locked room in your entertainment center. There is a one year limited warranty that covers it for defects.

Should you buy it?

Yes, you kill two birds with one stone, because the Ring Alarm Pro doubles as a Wi-Fi 6 mesh router and home security base station. You will never have to worry about home security and power outages again.

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