Rihanna’s followers are positive that her crochet heels are certainly an indication of an upcoming music collaboration

Rihanna sets the summer standard with her stylish crochet clothes. The singer recently posed for Instagram photos promoting her new body cream with Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil, but after admiring her shine, we couldn’t help but disregard her perfectly put together outfit. It turned out that many fans were drawn to the ensemble for a reason beyond fashion – they took it as a sign of a new musical collaboration.

You see, when Rihanna shared the photo of her custom crochet dress and matching pumps, people quickly noticed on social media that she was wearing the same Bottega Veneta pumps as Nicki Minaj. The two musicians appeared to be following each other on Instagram a few days earlier. An accident? Maybe. But if you crave new music from these women, like so many, this could be the first crumb that leads to an upcoming collaboration. There are no other details to suggest what (if anything) Rihanna and Nicki have planned, but we can certainly admire these shoes while we wait to see what develops.

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