Rihanna stays utterly true to her signature model within the new luxurious Rimowa marketing campaign

The luxury travel brand Rimowa is expanding and expanding its definition of travel style. The new campaign entitled “Never Still” based on an original poem by Patti Smith shows the legendary musician and artist herself alongside the fashion designer, businesswoman and singer Rihanna and the athletes Lebron James and Roger Federer. All four icons are filmed in their own rooms and contain introspective moments alone. Rihanna directed her own segment, directed by Gray Sorrenti, documenting driving her Airstream trailer into the desert with her friends. “When everything is minimized, you can see what is important,” she said in Rimowa’s press release.

Rihanna integrates the accessories from LVMH’s own label into her casual looks and styles two hard box bags over a crocheted bikini top with knitted parts, a furry tie-dye cardigan and a bucket hat with an animal print – and we all know what they mean by them holds! In another still from the film, we see her in a brown leather coat with a red suitcase and lime-colored Lucite sunglasses. Throughout the campaign you can feel Rihanna’s energy pulsing, suggesting that she really is “never silent” and when she’s on the go, she stays true to her signature bold look. Click through to see Rihanna for Rimowa and watch the full video after the jump.

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