Rihanna made her sheer lingerie prime restaurant-ready with sweatpants and Nikes

The key to making risqué lingerie suitable for a dinner outing? Just ask Rihanna, who inspired our weekend outfit when she stepped out in Beverly Hills earlier this week wearing a completely transparent Chanel camisole. Of course, she didn’t just wear the lace tank top by herself; She effortlessly combined sexy and cool by pairing it with a silky Hermès duster, Celine wide leg track pants, the coveted purple Nike dunks, neon green Gucci sunglasses and a black face mask. Yes, it’s basically all of our comfy WFH staples – roomy pants, an oversized outer layer, and lingerie that gathered dust in the drawer (just mine?) – that merge into an undeniably radical look.

Since Rihanna’s satin pants retail for $ 770 and we don’t even want to guess the price of her vintage Chanel top, we’ve tracked down the items you need to recreate her outfit on a budget – because we all do want to dress like Rihanna, right? Pre-purchase each piece after taking a closer look at their night-out ensemble.

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