Replace your Android cellphone now! Hundreds of thousands might be in danger from severe errors

Android users are warned of a new attack on these popular smartphones that allow hackers to view private text messages and even eavesdrop on personal phone calls. Many of the recent Android attacks have been carried out through fake or malicious apps that take over devices after they have been downloaded. However, this new warning is much more worrying because it involves actual components that reside in the device itself.

Security researchers at Check Point say they discovered a bug in a modem developed by US tech giant Qualcomm. Quite a number of devices, including flagship phones from Samsung, OnePlus, and Google, use Qualcomm technology. This error probably affects around 40 percent of the world’s Android phones.

The vulnerability lies in Qualcomm’s Mobile Station Modems (MSM), a series of systems on chips that are embedded in mobile devices that enable communication with the Internet.

During the investigation, the Check Point security team discovered a security flaw in a modem data service that could be used for control.

The flaw could allow attackers to inject malicious code right into the modem itself and give them access to the device user’s call history and SMS messages. Even more worrying, cyber criminals could even take advantage of the problem to eavesdrop on the user’s call conversations.

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Check Point announced that the information it found in this investigation has been shared with Qualcomm. The company confirmed the issue and defined it as a high-rated vulnerability.

All manufacturers have now been informed of the breakdown. That should mean the problem is now resolved, but it’s worth making sure your Android device is fully updated with the latest security downloads.

“We commend Check Point’s security researchers for their industry-standard coordinated disclosure practices,” a Qualcomm spokesperson told BleepingComputer. “Qualcomm Technologies made fixes available to OEMs back in December 2020. We encourage end users to update their devices as soon as patches are available.”

Along with this report, Check Point has also released some information to help users play it safe with advice, including:

• Mobile devices should always be updated to the latest version of the operating system in order to protect themselves against exploitation of security gaps.

• Only installing apps downloaded from official app stores will reduce the chances of mobile malware being downloaded and installed.

• Enable remote wipe on all mobile devices. Remote Wipe should be enabled on all devices to minimize the chance of losing sensitive data.

• Install a security solution on your device.

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