Regency Core Tops that may make your coronary heart burn

“I’m on fire for you,” announces Daphne Simon in Bridgerton. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I highly recommend checking out the juicy piece that took the fashion world by storm. There’s even a name for the style: Regency Core.

What is Regency Core? It is an extremely ornate fashion influenced by the royal look of the 18th century. Think corsets, pearls, brocades, lace and pastels. Obviously, there are very few opportunities to wear an embellished empire waist dress. But you can easily do the Regency Core trend with a top. Teaming up royalty inspired with jeans and pumps can keep you burning for the era while staying in the 21st century.

There are three elements to consider when it comes to Regency Core tops: empire waists, corsets, and puffed sleeves.

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I shot an Instagram roll showing one of the styles to get inspiration. I hope you like the look and the way the Queen says on the show, “Stay flawless, my love.”

Empire waist


  • Pumps: similar HERE and HERE

  • Hair band: AMAZON


  • Headband: similar to HERE and HERE

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