Reese Witherspoon wore my new favourite $ 90 summer season sneakers

From Rihanna’s designer heels to Vanessa Hudgens’ $ 100 sandals, you can count on us to find out exactly which shoes celebrities are wearing right now. Next up: Reese Witherspoon. She was photographed at the airport with her cute pup and was wearing Puma Future Rider NYC sneakers ($ 90) with a fantastic pastel color combo perfect for summer.

Witherspoon casually wore a Lou & Gray Star Terry sweatshirt ($ 55) and sweatpants ($ 45) for her flight. And the news gets even better as her sweatshirt is tagged with the following code. While I like Witherspoon’s exact sneakers, the same style comes in a whopping 18 other colors that are incredibly alluring too. Scroll down to find Reese Witherspoon’s sneakers.

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