Redefine glam with these glittery magnificence finds

Do you think there isn’t too much glitter? Do you feel like a little bit of fairy dust (aka a liberal sprinkling of holographic sparkle) can improve your looks and life in general? Those who nod their heads violently are in the right place. Because we have brought together the most dazzling glitter beauty products in this atmosphere.

It’s glitter, glitter everywhere. We noticed the trend between fashion, accessories, and even food, but it’s beauty where it really shines the brightest (sorry). Those who need a constant glitter fixation and love anything that can be described with adjectives like “prismatic”, “shiny” and “mermaid-like” want to make sure these beauty and makeup products are part of their glitter collections.

Here are 13 sparkling beauty products that deliver unabashed disco ball sparkle. Keep shining, sister.

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