Reasonably priced cruelty-free fragrances on Amazon


If you’re looking for an affordable, cruelty-free fragrance, I have some good ones to try! It can be so difficult to buy cruelty-free perfumes online (because you can’t smell them), but it helps if they’re cheap. Keep in mind that Amazon will not allow you to return most fragrances due to flammability reasons.

It seems like everyone I know has been sick this month and I don’t want to catch it. So I haven’t ventured out to Sephora, Ulta, or the mall a lot lately. I’ve tried a few fragrances on Amazon and hope my reviews will help you decide what to try or what to avoid!

If you like the smell of Bum Bum Cream, you’ll probably love the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa Hair and Body Mists. I like gourmand scents, but when they’re too sweet or when there’s a vanilla scent that’s not balanced with something darker, I usually don’t like it. I wasn’t a fan of the scent of Sol de Janeiro’s Original Bum Bum Body Cream – it smelled wonderful in the jar but strange when it blended into my skin. I tried the Black Amber Plum and Vanilla Woods 40 hair and body spray and I’m glad I did. To me it’s still on the girly sweet fruity side but it has the amber that keeps it from being a teenybopper scent. It’s still quite youthful, and I tend to like more mature scents, so it’s not everyday for me. But if you’re younger or just prefer girly scents, you’ll love this one.

R+Co Serious Gaze Fragrance Spray is a more mature fragrance spray and definitely suits my darker taste. It is an oriental chypre fragrance with juniper berries, blood orange and rhubarb deepened with violet, dark woods and a faux leather accord. It’s quite powerful and long-lasting for a hair and body spray. If you read the reviews on Amazon you will see that many people interpret the leather accord as cigarettes, smoke or gas (and as the top notes wear off you definitely get more of that vibe)! I like weird, unconventional scents (including tobacco), but if that puts you off I’d recommend trying this out in person first.

I had to try the Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy perfume, although I felt it would be too sweet for my liking. It’s described thus: “Lush bursts of sugar-frosted blackberry and succulent Italian bergamot sparkle with delicious addiction, while velvety layers of crème de cassis, fluffy marshmallow and sexy vanilla mingle.” It’s definitely girly (what else would you expect from Ariana Grande ?), but the woods of bergamot, jasmine and cashmere give it a more classic vibe. Overall I’m really impressed with the way they blended all the scents together. Yes, it’s cute and girly, but it doesn’t smell cheap or overpowering. My husband loves this!

Le Monde Gourmand 002 Macaron Rose Parfum looks gorgeous and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it on the gorgeous shelves of places like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, the scent was too strong for me and not complicated enough for my taste. I really love the rose scent, but it has a synthetic feel I couldn’t get past. I was SO SO going to love this and thought it would be my favorite of them all but I really can’t get into it.

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