Purchase the walk-in closet from Ceremonia founder and CEO Babba Rivera

Babba Rivera, founder and CEO of the clean haircare line Ceremonia, won the real estate jackpot when she moved into an apartment with a walk-in closet in Brooklyn.

“To be honest, I love this little room so much. I could spend hours here,” she says.

Rivera’s closet isn’t just a place to hang your clothes. It is a source of inspiration and creativity. “I really come here for inspiration,” she says. “So this is not the kind of room that I just mix things up in.”

After buying a pair of Chanel sneakers for Copenhagen Fashion Week, Rivera couldn’t resist indulging in another pair. “You are so comfortable. I’ve been wearing them all the time, so I decided to have a second pair, ”she adds.

In addition to sneakers, Rivera has a great passion for small bags. One of Rivera’s favorites comes from ATP Atelier, a Swedish brand focused on minimalist designs.

But one of her most prized possessions is a vintage red Chanel jacket that she will likely never part with. “I see myself getting really old in this jacket,” says Rivera.

If only she could find the right skirt …

Speaking of fitting, Rivera’s closet is filled with matching two-piece sets, including an incredible faux leather suit. Rivera says, “It makes getting dressed in the morning so easy.”

When it comes to jewelry, Rivera likes to keep it simple and only wear pieces that have sentimental value.

“I’m very minimal with it, and I rarely take off the pieces I have,” she adds.

Do you feel inspired? Step into Rivera’s closet for even more fall wardrobe inspiration.

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