Professional ideas & tips for getting a diamond

2. Carat weight

Carat weight is related to the weight of a diamond rather than the size of the diamond as many people believe.

You can place two one-carat diamonds next to each other and depending on the cut and proportions of each diamond, one can look significantly larger.

Catherine’s pro tips

Jewelers base their designs on the millimeter of a stone, not its carat weight.

When you factor in carat weight, start with a general area that you want to be in, then choose the best cut diamond to tweak the actual size up!

Cut: Our favorite C

By far the most important of the 4 Cs, the “cut”, determines the sparkle, the shimmer, the open size and the general beauty of a brilliant cut diamond. A well-cut diamond shines – it radiates brilliance, fire and scintillation. A badly cut diamond, on the other hand, does not reflect the light properly and appears matt. Even if a ring is excellent in color and clarity, and the cut is poor, the stone will appear drab and lifeless.

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