Prime Video is catching up with Netflix and Disney +, and Amazon’s timing could not be higher

Amazon has launched a new Watch Party feature for Prime Video viewers, allowing users to chat with friends and family from home across the UK. Available to Prime members at no additional cost, the new functionality will allow friends and family members to recreate a movie night while complying with the latest lockdown measures, in effect until December 2nd in England, preventing people from different households from getting indoors mix.

Watch Party is compatible with the full Prime Video catalog, including exclusive shows like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s new Truth Seekers series Good Omens, All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur, and Hollywood hits like Borat Subsequent Movie Film, The Marvelous Mrs .. Maisel , The Boys, Homecoming, Clancys Jack Ryan and more.

When you host a Watch Party on Prime Video, video playback is synced to everyone you are currently watching. So there is no need to organize a video call beforehand to start the countdown to the press of the play button (which depends on everyone having a brisk internet connection that does not freeze during the countdown).

Whoever sets up the Watch Party can also pause and skip for the whole group, so you can put the action on hold if a really shocking twist needs to be discussed, or skip the credits if you’re planning on getting a whole group play box set on one day and have to jump straight to the next episode.

There’s also a built-in chat feature that eliminates the need to set up separate group chat for all of the movies or TV series you want to watch with friends in the coming weeks.

Amazon also included a number of stickers that can be sent to friends and family members. According to Amazon, the Watch Party offers space for up to 100 participants per session. That means you can use the feature to host synchronized viewing parties with dozens of your co-workers or extended family members – not just a handful of friends. When you set up a watch party, you can send anyone a custom link to join in and join the fun.

James May of the Grand Tour says the return to season four was “not nice”.

Amazon has done everything in its power to make hosting and attending a watch party as seamless as possible.

The Seattle-based retail giant is far from offering the opportunity to host a virtual movie night with friends and family, despite lockdown measures in place due to the public health crisis in much of the world. Teleparty, launched under the brand name “Netflix Party,” was one of the first apps to launch with the ability to sync playback between devices in different households so friends and family can stream together. After the success of this app, some streaming companies have rushed to add the functionality to their apps.

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