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Are you keeping an eye on a bezel sapphire ring for yourself? Or are you planning to give it to someone else? In fact, a bezel setting ring is an excellent choice. The bezel settings are stunning and have a living history.

Read on for more information on how to adjust the aperture. After that, you will see fabulous ring designs to inspire you.

Bezel set of sapphire rings

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The unusual bezel shape is very appealing for discerning tastes. The edges of a stone set in the bezel fall down into a metal collar, resulting in a sleek and elegant look. Traditionally, precious stones in wedding and engagement rings have claw settings. So bezel settings are not the first choice for those looking for a piece of tradition.

However, the two are similar in some ways. Both bezel and prong settings hold the stones in place, and each of these settings is used to bring fantastic ring designs to life.

While the main purpose of the settings remains the same, there are a few differences that are worth noting.

The tine adjustments grip the edge or table of the stone to hold it in place. In contrast, a bezel nestles against the gemstone in a metal collar that surrounds the stone. A bezel holds a gemstone more securely than other settings.

The aperture settings have other advantages. This setting works with almost any stone shape, for example. This setting also hides imperfections along the edge of the stone, such as inclusions or chips.

In addition, the fashionable look of the bezel setting appeals to modern brides. Celebrity Mary-Kate Olsen hit the headlines with her bezel engagement ring. While film director Charlie McDowell recognized the charm of this unique setting and proposed a ring with a bezel to actress Lily Collins.

History of the bezel sapphire rings

The bezel setting may seem modern, but it’s deeply rooted in history.

The bezel setting sapphire ring pays homage to the historic stone setting, the style of which goes back thousands of years. In fact, the bezel is said to be the oldest type of stone setting. With such a long history, it’s no wonder this style can usually be found in antique and vintage jewelry.

But not everyone can afford an original antique. Hence, new design versions make the style more flexible and accessible. Handcrafted rings, inspired by original pieces, are widespread. Below is a list of original and vintage-inspired rings.

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1. Portland Ring

Price: $ 5,600. Learn more about the Portland Ring.

The ring makes a big statement. However, it is not a flashy piece of jewelry. Instead, it’s a carefully balanced luxury ring. The bezel-set sapphire stone with 1.52 ct in the middle is an eye-catcher, while an additional diamond circle of 0.30 ct gives a soft touch. The openwork filigree also softens the look. The features of this ring harmonize perfectly.

2. Kirkwall Ring

Price: $ 4,500. Learn more about the Kirkwall Ring.

This outstanding 1.20 ct deep blue stone has that “wow” factor that dazzles the eye. With old European cut diamonds surrounding the center piece, this attractive ring shows care and attention to every detail. The stone is set in 18k yellow gold and the estimated total ring size is 13.62mm x 11.86mm.

3. Westbury Ring

Price: $ 9,500. Find out more about Westbury Ring.

Handcrafted around 1900, this eye-catching sapphire ring from the Edwardian era is a stunning vintage treasure with excellent craftsmanship. It features a lively, natural 1-carat cushion-cut sapphire, embedded in an 18-carat yellow gold setting. A rectangular diamond surrounds the fabulous ring and two 0.75 ctw antique cushion cut diamonds line each side.

4. Tomar ring

Price: $ 5,800. Learn more about the Tomar ring.

To appreciate the splendor of this ring, you need to look at the functions one by one. This impressive ring has a beautiful sapphire gemstone in the bezel. First of all, the eye is drawn to the deep blue color of the rectangular 1.20-carat sapphire with a cushion cut. If you look at the ring you will notice more details, like the old European cut diamonds that set off the platinum setting. The ring is one of those pieces that you never tire of admiring.

5. Edgewater Ring

Price: $ 8,500. Learn more about the Edgewater Ring.

The Edgewater ring is not for the shy or the faint of heart. A 1.03 ct cushion-cut sapphire is the centerpiece of the outstanding piece. A frame set with shining diamonds highlights the blue center stone. This stylish ring sits very low on the finger. However, the ring was designed that way on purpose. This is a feature that is used to showcase the pretty filigree in the lower gallery. The diamond weight is approx. 1.20 ct.

6. The Denmark Ring

Price: $ 9,500. Find out more about the Denmark Ring.

The diamond of this ring set in a bezel is set in a sapphire and diamond setting. The center stone is approximately 1.07 ct, J color and VS2 clarity. The ring measures 9.52mm x 9.77mm including the halo.

French cut sapphires surround the antique center diamond. Eight claws with 0.10 ct diamonds accentuate the center stone, while an enchanting fleur-de-lis design combined with delicate milgrain ensures more beauty.

7. 3.63ct Montreal Ring

Price: $ 4,500. Learn more about the 3.63ct Montreal ring.

Here is a vision of loveliness in a diamond and sapphire piece. The cushion cut diamond is approximately 3.63ct with a J color and VS1 clarity. A halo of rich blue sapphires surrounds the stone. A look into the lower gallery reveals an ornament of lovely filigree. This ring measures 14.7mm x 13.57mm including the halo.

8. Ellington ring

Price: $ 3,500. Learn more about the Ellington Ring.

If you value classic design, you will love this 1.93 carat vintage sapphire ring. The stone is hypnotic and measures 8.13mm x 5.86mm. The oval cut stone from around 1950 is enchanting and romantic and is illuminated by a circle of shining diamonds. The gemstones weigh 0.60 ct.

9. Portimão ring

Price: $ 6,000. Learn more about the Portimão Ring.

The word “charming” comes to mind when you see this gem for the first time. First, a deep blue pool of 1.15ct sapphire catches your attention. The unique gemstone shape is an elongated oval, while old cut diamonds surround the ring. The gemstones run along the shoulders. Most importantly, the ring is adjustable to any size.

10. Amherst ring

Price: $ 4,800. Learn more about the Amherst Ring.

You will fall in love with this one for many reasons. In the center sits a stunningly beautiful 1.16ct sapphire and a beautiful circle of diamonds surrounds the stone. It continues to shine with two lilies running down the shoulders. Each decoration is set with a diamond. The finest milgrain makes it more beautiful. Finally, a triple-wired platinum shaft improves this piece further.

11. bidos ring

Price: $ 10,800. Learn more about the Óbidos ring.

An old European cut diamond is the focus of a bezel setting. The antique diamond is 1.25 ct, color K and clarity VS1. In addition, it is UGL certified. More diamonds sit gracefully on the shoulders of the ring. The handmade platinum ring has a size of about 1.97 tcw and is resizable.

12. Montrose ring

Price: $ 3,800. Learn more about the Montrose Ring.

Several round brilliant cut diamonds form the centerpiece of this ring. The stones are set in claws and grouped in a round bezel. The beauty continues with further accent diamonds in the shoulders. In addition, a beautiful French-cut sapphire halo surrounds the accents.

The 18-karat white gold ring has a leaf motif with delicate milgrain and openwork decorating the lower gallery. The total weight of the middle diamond cluster is 0.56 ct, with the diamond accents weighing 0.09 ct. The deep blue sapphires weigh 0.604ct.

13th Central Park Ring

Price: $ 3,600. Learn more about the Central Park Ring.

This is an Art Deco style engagement ring with an antique 0.50 ct diamond. The stone has the color J and the clarity SI1. Rows of natural French-cut caliber sapphires surround the center diamond, where a .02ct old-cut diamond sits on each shoulder for extra accents.

The sapphires weigh about 0.42 ct. The ring measures a total of 9.77 mm.

14th Capri ring

Price: $ 18,000. Learn more about the Capri Ring.

A 2.14 ct diamond in solid hand-made platinum forms the basis for this ring. The antique stone in the cushion cut has the color K and the clarity VS2. A sapphire wreath surrounds the center stone with three accent diamonds on the shoulder and shaft. Detailed filigree work in the lower gallery rounds off the look.

The approximate dimensions of the ring are 13.52mm x 11.89mm, including the halo.

15. Bonhomme ring. French circa 1920

Price: $ 4,200. Find out more about the Bonhomme Ring. French around 1920.

This ring is as beautiful as it is rare. It’s an Art Deco style piece with a huge 2 carat cabochon sapphire and French cut caliber emerald sections on the shoulders. In addition, single cut diamonds accentuate the ring. The blue and green color combination identifies the ring as an Egyptian revival. However, the ring also has French hallmarks.

Customer looks at sapphire rings with bezel

In conclusion, a bezel sapphire ring on your finger can become a reality. Why should you traditionally be satisfied with less than you want? Instead, follow your unique style and taste in rings. Plus, it’s a great way to show your love for vintage jewelry design.

Remember, you don’t need a wedding to own this style. Add a vintage or antique-inspired bezel ring to your collection. A sapphire ring with a bezel is a beautiful birthstone or a fashion statement. Alternatively, you can just wear one because you enjoy beautiful rings.

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