Prevented Hundreds of thousands of Individuals from Watching Squid Recreation and 007 No Time To Die in a troublesome new raid

Compared to just a few weeks ago, free streaming options for the latest Hollywood blockbusters and must-see series are few and far between. Sites used by millions of people that offered free streams of Squid Game – the groundbreaking Netflix sensation that has become the streaming platform’s biggest show to date – or the new 007 movie No Time To Die have been all over the place Great Britain locked.

As part of the ongoing fight against piracy, injunctions in the High Court have blocked these piracy websites. As reported by TorrentFreak, Low Cost Internet Service Provider (ISP) TalkTalk is one of the biggest names in complying with this latest decree and blocking the sites.

Pages blocked include and The former contained illegal free streams of No Time To Die, the last Daniel Craig James Bond film to hit theaters recently. While the latter gave illegal access to a huge selection of films and TV shows, including Squid Game – the South Korean breakout hit that has become a worldwide phenomenon in just a few weeks.

This week, Netflix confirmed that Squid Game had become its biggest show of all time, kicking off the previous title, Bridgerton.

Other streaming sites that were recently banned in the UK are, and But the biggest illegal streaming site that’s being banned is, a website with over 20 million monthly users.

Anyone who hopes to get around these blockages with the help of unblocking tools has been dealt another blow. GitHub this week removed the repository and a mirror website for Unblockit, a tool that allows users to access websites that have been blocked by their ISP.

These latest bans come after another ISP – Virgin Media – was forced to reveal details of customers who illegally watched a particular movie.

Virgin Media clients who illegally watched the 2020 thriller Ava starring Jessica Chastain, which is also streamed on Netflix, received letters last month saying they would have to split up and pay a cash settlement to avoid legal action.

It’s unclear what the severance payment would be, but it could be in the hundreds of pounds, if not more.

Speaking of the news, a spokesman for Virgin Media said at the time: “We take the protection and security of our customers’ data very seriously. Virgin Media will only pass on customer data to third parties if this is required by law, by a valid court order.

“In this case, Voltage Pictures has successfully received a court order which means that a very small number of Virgin Media customers can now receive correspondence from this organization. Any customer who receives a letter should note that the court has not yet made any determinations has taken to copyright. ” Hurt against them. That would be a matter for the court to rule in any subsequent lawsuit. “

With such high potential fines for illegally viewing content, the easiest way to avoid the wrath of rightsholders is to legitimately and fairly pay for the content.

If you’d like to watch Squid Game, Netflix subscription prices start from £ 5.99 a month, while No Time To Die is in theaters now – with a home release expected to happen either around Christmas or early 2022.

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