Premier League livestream warning: crackdown on piracy begins forward of the brand new season

If you’re thinking of using illegal live streams to watch one of the Premier League’s opening weekends, you’d better think again. In the run-up to the start of the 2021-22 Premier League season, the latest in a long series of raids against piracy was launched by the authorities. Police officers and investigators from FACT – the UK’s leading intellectual property protection organization – have visited addresses across the UK to deliver cease and desist notices.

These were given to people suspected of offering illegal IPTV streaming services.

Notices have all been delivered to homes in Essex, Hertfordshire, West Yorkshire and Pembrokeshire – urging suspects to cease illegal activity immediately.

Kieron Sharp, CEO of FACT, said, “We are employing a number of tactics to prevent the provision of illegal streaming from taking proportionate measures.

“With these measures we are sending a clear message. Piracy is fraud and anyone motivated by financial gain needs to know that it is a crime that the police take seriously.

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He pleaded guilty to both the illegal provision of content and his own use of the service to display paid content.

The Liverpool Crown Court judge acknowledged that Faulkner’s use of the service was itself a crime, which was reflected in the fact that he received a separate four months’ imprisonment.

Speaking of the verdict, Kevin Plumb, Director of Legal Services for the Premier League said, “This verdict shows once again that the courts take piracy crimes seriously and that it has serious consequences for criminals involved in all forms of piracy. Legal action will be taken against suppliers for unauthorized access to Premier League football, regardless of the size or extent of the pirate operation.

“This defendant was also sentenced to a separate four-month prison term for simply watching the unauthorized service. If necessary, this should dispel any misconception that watching pirate streaming services is a gray area or not punishable in any way .

“The Premier League’s significant financial support for the entire football pyramid and other communities is made possible by the fact that we can sell and protect our broadcast rights. We are pleased that courts, through rulings like this one, continue to emphasize the importance of protecting our copyright. “

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