Povetkin vs Whyte Free Dwell Stream: Warning to followers attempting to look at on-line

FACT CEO Kieran Sharp told Express.co.uk, “With the povetkin fight happening this weekend and fans still not being able to join the fight or see it in the pub, many may Supporters are tempted to turn to illegal streaming to access the fight. But many fans are unaware of the hidden dangers of boxing piracy and it is really important that they understand the risks.

“Three out of five people in the UK (62%) are unaware that illegal streaming can lead to fraud, identity theft and malware – and even criminal gangs. In the past 12 months, piracy has increased in the US, at various bans which FACT removed twice as many illegal movie links in April 2020 as in February 2020. “

Fans should not only watch online for free, but also make sure to broadcast paid content from their televisions to social media platforms. Back in 2017, a Bristol boxing fan was ordered to pay over £ 16,000 in legal fees and details of the money he had made and the people he had worked with to illegally stream Sky Sports content online to disclose.

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