Police will go to YOUR HOME within the newest anti-piracy raid to cease free Sky TV streams


Police officers visit the homes of people suspected of illegally supplying copyrighted material, including the Hollywood blockbusters, original Sky dramas and the latest Premier League games. The latest raid on addresses across the UK is the result of a joint operation by the police and anti-piracy organization FACT.

Officials have already visited homes in Essex, Hertfordshire, West Yorkshire and Pembrokeshire. When the police go to an address, a warning is issued to homeowners to immediately stop all illegal streaming activity. It’s a dramatic step compared to previous anti-piracy efforts. In the past, broadband providers – including BT and Sky – have mailed similar messages to addresses believed to be streaming content for free.

Internet service providers can detect when customers are using their home broadband to illegally access copyrighted material, either through torrents, streaming sites, or set-top boxes such as Kodi and IPTV boxes.

FACT Chief Executive Kieron Sharp said, “We are using a number of tactics to prevent illegal streaming from being served. Our ongoing activity targets various elements of the global piracy landscape, taking into account the magnitude of the crime, to ensure that effective and proportionate action is taken. “

Those who distribute illegal ways to catch the latest Hollywood blockbusters, shows and spots can face harsh penalties. Last month, a man was arrested by West Mercia Police on suspicion of illegal streaming of pay-TV channels. The police had worked with FACT on the case.

Aside from the risk of the police knocking on the door, there are a number of other risks associated with illegal streams.

A number of IPTV boxes are sold with access to Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, and other paid channels for a low monthly fee of a few pounds or so. However, if you pay for these illegal streaming options, your credit or debit card will be exposed to malicious actors who could use this data (or keep it unencrypted and secure).

Additionally, visiting these nefarious streaming sites puts you at increased risk of malware and fraud when compared to legitimate options like Virgin Media and Sky.

Kieron Sharp cautioned viewers of the increased risks of choosing free or low-cost illegal options, adding, “Now that the new Premier League season is in full swing, some fans may be tempted to not view games appropriately on the right channels or selected devices and the risks for the user are not without consequences: By clicking on links or misleading advertising, fans of an infection of their device by a virus ransomware attack or even a data breach open up.

Cybersecurity firm Webroot recently found that 92 percent of illegal streaming sites used to pirate sports content in a single weekend encourage a range of Bitcoin and mobile app scams and contain malware threats or add-ons can expose viewers (young and old) to explicit advertising and inappropriate content. Unlike most legal sources, these unauthorized websites, devices, apps, and the content they can access do not have effective parental controls. “

Paul Faulkner was arrested last month for illegally delivering and displaying Premier League content.

The 35-year-old’s illegal streams promised to unlock access to Sky channels, which include some of the biggest U.S. dramas and original films, as well as Premier League games. Faulkner was sentenced to 16 months in prison after pleading guilty to multiple copyright and fraud crimes.

During the sentencing, the Liverpool Crown Court judge recognized that Faulkner’s use of the service was itself a crime, which was reflected in the fact that he received a separate four months’ imprisonment. Speaking of the verdict, Premier League Director of Legal Services Kevin Plumb said: “This conviction shows once again that the courts take piracy crimes seriously and that there are significant ramifications for criminals involved in all forms of piracy.

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