Plusnet customers may quickly get an improve that BT broadband followers have been having fun with for some time

Plusnet takes a sheet of paper from the books of the parent company BT. It was announced earlier this week that the low-cost broadband operator is launching a new broadband hub that BT customers may be very familiar with. The Plusnet Hub Two was presented this week, with the router being available for business accounts for the first time – but will also be “soon available” for private customers.

If you get a little deja-vu looking at the new Plusnet router, then there are good reasons for it. That’s because Plusnet Hub Two is a rebranding of BT’s SmartHub 2, which was first shipped in 2018. This router was originally launched by BT to support and Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) services, ISPreview reported.

Unlike BT, however, Plusnet does not offer ultra-fast broadband packages that offer download speeds of over 100 Mbit / s. Plusnet fiber broadband offers average download speeds of 66 Mbit / s or 36 Mbit / s.

The Hub-Two router is currently available for Plusnet small business accounts but will soon be available for residential customers.

In an online community post, Plusnet team member Anoush said, “We’re shipping Hub Two now for business accounts and ‘soon’ for private customers, but I can’t tell when”.

A company spokesperson added, “Plusnet Hub Two is currently available alongside our Plusnet business broadband packages and will be available to residential customers later this year.

“In terms of non-cosmetic changes, we are using Plusnet-specific firmware that is tailored to Plusnet services and is therefore slightly different from the BT Smart Hub 2.”

At the time of writing, Plusnet is only offering a range of savings for a limited time.

Plusnet is currently offering a free activation fee for its unlimited broadband, unlimited fiber and unlimited fiber extra packages.

Unlimited fiber optic extra with 66 Mbps download speed is available for £ 24 per month with an 18 month contract.

While unlimited fiber, which offers 36 Mbps download speed, is available for £ 22 per month for 18 months.

Unlimited broadband with average download speeds of 10 Mbps is available for £ 18.99 per month for 18 months.

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