Plans to make use of the NHS app’s vaccine passport for UK appearances and occasions have been “discarded”

According to The Sunday Telegraph, the UK government will no longer force people to use the NHS app to prove their vaccination status to enter nightclubs, theaters, football stadiums and other venues. While so-called “vaccine passports” are already in use prior to travel abroad, UK officials are currently working on a review of their use within the UK. The digital certificate is intended to prove that you either received both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine or that you received a negative coronavirus test in the past few days.

Concerts, soccer stadiums, theaters, and festivals – just like airports – should rely on this app-based certificate to stop those likely to have the disease (or worst reaction if they picked up a strain of the virus during the event). from participation. However, UK officials working to verify the use of Covid-19 status certificates believe the system is already dead.

That’s because officials believe there is no chance UK law will be changed to make the use of these passports within the UK mandatory. However, when asked by Reuters, a government spokesman said the Covid-19 vaccine certification review was “still in progress” and “no decision has yet been made”.

We would take this with caution, however, as concerns grow over the prospect of vaccination certificates used across the UK by Boris Johnson’s own Conservative Party, as well as opposition lawmakers and civil rights groups. In April, the Prime Minister himself nodded to some of the ethical issues COVID-19 vaccine certification poses.

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Vaccination records are available today – and required for some international flights – but not for participation in football matches, theaters, cinemas or any other venue that is now reopening in England and Wales.

Confusingly, your vaccination record is in a completely different app than the one used by the NHS Covid-19, which is used to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The Covid-19 app is the app that uses Bluetooth to keep track of your proximity to other people. It will show up when someone has been in close contact with subsequent tests that tested positive for Covid-19 so you can self-isolate and hopefully stop the spread of the potentially deadly virus.

But while you have to download the NHS Covid-19 app to scan QR codes as you enter pubs, restaurants and cafes … something that you will do a lot more Due to a changed government recommendation, you need to install the NHS app on your phone when you are abroad.

The much discussed “vaccine passports” ended up in the NHS app on iPhone and Android when England was on Monday, April 17th.

Whether the government will confirm The Sunday Telegraph story in the coming days remains to be seen. When it comes to enforcing the law to enforce the use of Covid-19 passports in the UK, we could imagine the law either going up in flames in the House of Commons … or the government just stop talking about the idea as a whole.

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