Pixel 6 Professional launch: Google’s most superior cellphone targets iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21

Google’s new Pixel 6 line of smartphones is possibly the worst-kept secret of 2021. To avoid the endless leaks and rumors that usually plague flagship launches, Google got the design and key new features back in August teased his newest smartphone.

After months of excitement, we finally know exactly what these devices will bring to market as Google reveals the full specs at a global launch event. There are two models to choose from, including a standard Pixel 6 with a 6.4-inch screen and a dual-lens camera. All details about this phone can be found here.

If you want something bigger and even better, you should probably go for the premium flagship from Google called the Pixel 6 Pro. This is the first time Google has called one of its devices a “flagship” and is clearly targeting the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the new iPhone 13.

This top-end phone features an upgraded 6.7-inch smooth display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz for fast scrolling and smooth gameplay. Google made this screen adaptive so that it only toggles to this ultimate rate when needed and not when users are simply staring at a text or reading a boring email. This was included in an offer to extend battery life.

Flip the phone around and you will find a unique looking camera system that now spans the back of the phone in a black stripe. Google calls this new design Camera Bar.

Google says this triple camera system is the “most advanced” of all time. In addition to improvements to pictures taken in low light, you can now get up close thanks to a 4x optical zoom and a 20x digital zoom that uses AI to sharpen and enhance the image.

There are also some other impressive features for the Pixel 6 Pro’s cameras with this device, which now comes with what is known as the “Magical Eraser” which removes things in the background by simply swiping your finger over them in edit mode. It’s really clever and means you can remove people or unsightly items that your family may have photo bombed at during a trip to the beach. Other impressive camera features include the ability to add motion to your action shots, and photos of friends and family can be sharpened thanks to an update called Face Unblur. There’s even a way to capture 4K selfie videos of your face for the ultimate posts on Instagram.

So that’s all that has changed on the outside, but a lot is going on under the hood too, including a new processor made by Google.

Yes, the usual Snapdragon chip is gone, and the tech giant is now opting for its own-brand tensor chip.

If the performance statistics are to be believed, the Pixel 6 Pro will be around 80 percent faster than the Pixel 5, which sounds very impressive. This tensor chip also enables the Pixel 6 Pro to be smarter as the device can automatically add punctuation marks when you dictate text or email. This improved speech recognition also enables the tensor-operated pixel to translate in real time – this was previously not possible.

Thanks to the tensor chip, the Pixel 6 Pro is not only much faster but also longer as Google lasts longer thanks to an adaptive battery that optimizes things and even learns your favorite apps so they stay running when you close applications do not need or never use.

When it is running low, the Pro can be charged wirelessly or at breakneck speed via a 30 W charger. It’s worth noting that Google doesn’t provide a plug-in-the-box. So you’ll need to invest in a new power adapter to take full advantage of these better refills. Other useful extras on the Pro include its IP68 rating, meaning it should survive a soak, and it’s covered in Gorilla Glass Victus for improved durability.

There are also stereo speakers, access to 5G data speeds, and 128GB of built-in storage.

Finally, Google promises five years of updates to its new Pixels that will protect them from new threats and add bonus features. And the company brags that its new Titan M2 chip, which works alongside Tensor’s main processor, will make the Pro the most secure phone ever.

If that all sounds exciting, the Pixel 6 Pro will be available in the UK later this month. It starts at £ 849.

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