‘Pingdemic’ U-turn: NHS COVID-19 App Up to date To Cut back Individuals Self-Isolation

However, opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer previously criticized the decision to make changes to the Covid-19 app, comparing it to “taking batteries out of the smoke alarm”.

The Labor leader said, “It’s like taking the batteries out of the smoke alarm: it’s so obvious weakening the defenses we have – and when the prime minister’s decision leads people to use the NHS app.” or deleting the app is weakened, that’s a pretty good indicator that the prime minister’s decision is wrong. “

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (DHSC) said the logic that is central to identifying and notifying close contact has been changed in the latest version of the smartphone app. The app previously looked back five days on contacts who have since tested positive for coronavirus. It’s only two days now.

The government said fewer people who have been in contact with someone when they were likely not at the peak of their contagiousness will be asked to self-isolate.

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