Paloma Elsesser poses on the quilt of Vogue Spain Could 2021

After Eugenia de la Torriente officially left Vogue Spain (with no replacement in sight), the magazine has become a hit or a miss. The editor ended her tenure with a beautiful January cover by Penélope Cruz. But Jill Kortleve and Bella Hadid failed to stimulate in February and March respectively, while Jodie Comer’s flawless cover got us rushing to the newsstand last month. With the latest Spanish fashion bible, Paloma Elsesser gets her third Vogue cover appearance of the year. Paloma was photographed by Alique and styled by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson. She wears a look from the Jacquemus Spring 2021 collection for the elegant cover from May 2021.


Paloma’s latest addition to her portfolio shared our forum members. “Not a bad shot. But it doesn’t work as a cover. Too many distracting elements. And I hate that her hair and the mast head are the same color, ”criticized Mikel.

“Didn’t you have a picture that she didn’t lie down in?” asked oaklee91.

“What kind of pose is that? What kind of set is that? There is so much wrong with this cover, ”proclaimed marsnoop2.

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“It falls flat because the picture looks like they caught her off guard. Can’t tell me this was the best shot in the selection! This could have been a great cover if only her pose had been stronger and more noticeable, ”wrote aracic.

Although not everyone was under-challenged. “I have to admit I’m not usually for Paloma Elsesser, but I kind of don’t hate that,” said vogue28.

“I’m not going to say I’m Paloma’s biggest fan, but I like it when she gets this far because her looks are so far removed from a traditional model look that it challenges our perception, and I love that about her . Like her or not, her success is undeniable, ”commented FashionMuseDior.

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