Overlook sky glass! Samsung, Sony, and LG TVs all introduced the value down with these hidden codes

A war is raging for your living room space and Sky is taking the UK by storm with the launch of its new Glass TV. This all-in-one glasses box not only has a razor-sharp screen, but also a set-top box hidden inside and a Dolby Atmos soundbar that amplifies the sound.

This new system also operates over the internet so you don’t have to stick a dish on your walls. To make Glass appear even more attractive, Sky is offering this TV via a monthly payment – similar to a smartphone contract – at prices starting at £ 13 per month.

As long as you buy Glass, Sky also sells additional devices called Sky Stream Pucks that allow users to watch their content in other rooms through their standard TVs.

Sky Glass is an interesting concept that could certainly worry Samsung, Sony, and LG.

However, if you don’t feel like being tied to a Sky contract for the next few years, there are currently some big discounts on standard TVs from all major manufacturers.

Currys is making hundreds of pounds on sale on Sony, Samsung, and LG TVs, and even bigger savings can be made with some hidden discount codes.

For example, you can get £ 100 off an LG Smart TV on sale, but the VISION200OFF code can cut things down even further.

There’s also Samsung’s 75-inch TV, which has been cut in price by £ 500 but is getting even cheaper thanks to the same code.

If you’re looking for a new TV and don’t fancy Sky Glass, here are some of the biggest deals right now.

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