Outer Banks stars Chase Stokes and Madison Bailey Mannequin (and take photographs of one another!) For AE Denims

Was it just me or did you also see Chase Stokes’ Instagram of his new American Eagle campaign and mistaken it for one? Outer banks Season two outtake? As it turns out, he and pal Madison Bailey (who you may remember playing Kiara Carrera on the show) were signed up for AE’s Spring 2021 campaign titled Jeans Are Forever.

Aside from the fact that the summery, natural shoot on the beach immediately conjures up images of scenes from their Netflix show, Chase and Madison were chosen as role models because they “represent the heartbeat of youth culture with a reality, freedom and limitless possibilities.” As for the future. The actors have great connections on and off screen, and their fun and playful personalities came to life during the filming, “said AE.

Stokes and Bailey were photographed with medium format, Polaroid, 16 mm, Super 8, Tintype and iPhones – and they took turns standing behind the camera and also directed each other. Scroll to see the full range of images, watch an accompanying video, and head over to American Eagle, where the company’s new 3D Augmented Reality with multiple URLs allows you to shop for jeans arrivals and flip the jeans however you want fit from every angle.

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