Open thread for the weekend


I have only ever attended potluck Thanksgivings. Typically, the host prepares turkey, potatoes, gravy, and some side dishes and provides beer, wine, and soft drinks. Guests bring appetizers, other side dishes, desserts, and more wine (although this is usually more of a gift from the hostess). The host coordinates who brings what so all bases are covered and there are no duplicates (unless intended).

As for the abstinence from alcohol mentioned above, part of my family doesn’t drink alcohol, so it’s not necessary. The other side of my family is pretty picky, so people tend to eat BYO.

My entire extended family lives less than 30 minutes away, so we have no concerns about the pot pie in this morning’s thread. In fact, my aunt and uncle live next door to my parents and another aunt lives about an 8 minute walk away, so they just walk over (which is great since you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving).

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