Oops! Microsoft confirms that the brand new Home windows 10 replace is what triggered your PC to crash

If your Windows 10 PC keeps crashing, we know the reason behind the frustrating problems – a recently released update from Microsoft. Yes, Redmond-based technology has confirmed that the March user update is responsible for the sudden increase in computer crashes. Those affected by the error will face the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death, also known as BSOD, while trying to use a printer.

With millions of us continuing to work and study from home, the timing of this catastrophic mistake really is not ideal. The problem seems to affect both consumer and server versions of Windows 10, Microsoft has confirmed.

Worse, those who allow their laptop, tablet, or desktop to be updated automatically have installed the latest security updates from Microsoft on their computer overnight. Even if you don’t remember recently installing a new version of Windows 10, your computer may have installed it behind your back.

The latest automatic security update is titled KB5000802 and was rolled out by Microsoft worldwide on March 9, 2021. If your computer crashed while trying to print in the past few days and lost all unsaved work, your computer likely installed the latest security update overnight.

The misprint is not associated with a specific application. Windows 10 users complain of crashes when sending documents for printing from Notepad, Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, and others.

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Microsoft didn’t offer much to explain, just remarking: “After installing KB5000802, you may get an APC_INDEX_MISMATCH error with a blue screen when trying to print to certain printers in some apps.”

The US company is likely working on a solution to the problem. In the meantime, enterprising Windows 10 users have released a workaround to save the problem that affects those who try to work. Quite simply, the simplest solution seems to be to uninstall the latest update released by Microsoft.

To uninstall the latest security patch called KB5000802, save your work and close all applications. Next, start a command prompt and enter the following command: wusa / uninstall / kb: 5000802

This should kickstart the uninstallation process. Of course, we would normally not recommend removing a Microsoft security patch, as it contains important fixes for vulnerabilities and other glitches. However, since Microsoft has confirmed that this latest patch is causing the recent stability issues for those who need to print, it is probably a good bet to remove it for now.

If you don’t like the idea of ​​Windows 10 automatically downloading security patches and updates, Microsoft offers a way to stop it – at least temporarily.

To stop automatic updates in Windows 10, you need to start the Settings menu and click on Update & Security> Windows Update> Advanced OptionsThen, under the “Stop Updates” heading, select how long you want to stop automatic updates on your computer from the drop-down list.

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