OnlyFans will BLOCK all “sexually specific” content material this 12 months, and followers should not pleased


OnlyFans is planning a dramatic change this year. One of Lockdown’s biggest tech success stories, the website is set to move away from the sexual content that helped make its name. The decision is meant to help attract outside investors who are a bit squeamish about the nudity on the platform.

OnlyFans is designed so that anyone from celebrities to ordinary people can charge whatever fee they want to view their photos and videos. Although not originally designed for sexually explicit content, it quickly became notorious as a “porn app” thanks to the large number of sex workers who rushed to the platform to block sexually explicit content on other sites like Patreon and Tumblr.

OnlyFans’ success, largely based on the large number of people selling photos and videos of their bodies, resulted in a valuation of up to $ 1 billion.

In a shocking move, however, the company announced yesterday that it will be banning sex content almost entirely from its platform. The ban will come into force on October 1, 2021.

In a statement, OnlyFans said it wanted to focus on more mainstream content: “To ensure the platform’s long-term sustainability and continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we need to evolve our content guidelines.”

It is already home to thousands of non-porn creators, including musicians and artists. Users can still post nude pictures … as long as they follow the newly updated rules from OnlyFans. However, it is currently unclear how this will be enforced.

OnlyFans has not confirmed whether content uploaded before October 1, 2021 in accordance with previous rules will be deleted this year. The website grew in popularity during the Covid bans of the past few years – and even got a name check on a Beyoncé song. However, his meteoric rise has not resulted in a smooth process for the company. Despite its huge user base, it reportedly struggled to get investors on board.

OnlyFans says it has over 1.5 million content creators who collectively make $ 5 billion a year (£ 3.67 billion). More than 130 million people use the site as customers, while over 100 have made more than $ 1 million (£ 0.73 million) through the site. However, its seedy reputation has put off many potential business partners – including banking services that are required to process all of that cash.

Hundreds of OnlyFans users have shared their dismay at the move, which will result in a severe loss of income for many who turned to the site after losing their jobs during the pandemic. A YouTuber wrote on Twitter: “I’m really upset about the news from onlyfans and don’t know where my income will come from now, as funding someone with a thousand projects and just being able to just eat and buy the bare minimums – that is horrific. “

Another told the New York Times, “People won’t be able to make ends meet. People will lose the roof over their heads. “

Lilli Sabine said Buzzfeed News She makes between $ 100 and $ 1,200 every month with OnlyFans. “If I can’t move my fan base to another platform quickly …” It can be very difficult to convert followers to new platforms, and I have to build everything from scratch when OnlyFans throws sex workers and lewd creators off the platform. “

There are signs that this change has been in the works for quite some time. Downloading the official logo file on the OnlyFans website reveals a very different design than what the company is currently using on its social media accounts and website. The distinctive padlock has been replaced with a less suggestive wing design. reached out to OnlyFans to see if these files were accidentally uploaded and if we can expect a brand redesign to match the platform’s new focus.

OnlyFans recently released its first-ever transparency report detailing when governments and law enforcement officers requested information from the company. In July, she received 98 legal inquiries, removed 72,000 posts, and deleted 15 accounts for sharing pictures of child sexual abuse.

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