OnlyFans will BLOCK all “sexually express” content material this yr, and followers usually are not pleased

Hundreds of OnlyFans users have shared their dismay at the move, which will result in a severe loss of income for many who turned to the site after losing their jobs during the pandemic.

A YouTuber wrote on Twitter: “I’m really upset about the news from onlyfans and don’t know where my income will come from now, as funding someone with a thousand projects and just being able to just eat and buy the bare minimums – that is horrific. “

Another told the New York Times, “People won’t be able to make ends meet. People will lose the roof over their heads. “

Lilli Sabine told Buzzfeed News that she makes between $ 100 and $ 1,200 every month with OnlyFans. “If I can’t move my fan base to another platform quickly …” It can be very difficult to convert followers to new platforms, and I have to build everything from scratch when OnlyFans throws sex workers and lewd creators off the platform. “

Model and Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson also spoke out against the decision, saying OnlyFans was “empowering” for many former glamor models.

She told the BBC: “For years women have been used for music videos or the sexy person in a James Bond movie or worked for large corporations that make porn their own content at their own prices and make a taxable income.

“Now we’re being punished for it, so it’s really sad and a shame that the banks don’t want to accept money from women or men who are just consenting adults who want to publish these media outlets. It’s strange.”

Other high profile users of the site include rapper Cardi B, Kate Moss’ sister Lotte Moss, and actress Bella Thorne.

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