One of the best of the outdated navy’s light-weight attire for a summer-to-fall transition, all underneath $ 50

Fall is just around the corner and it’s a time of mixed feelings for fans of summer dresses and white jeans (me included). Of course, there’s no need to change wardrobes just because the calendar says September – especially if the weather forecast is still screaming August – but it’s tempting to look for pieces that can wear more than one or two more pieces of clothing in 2021.

Right now we love dresses that are light enough to wear in warm weather but also look cute when the temperature drops. Think swinging minis that go with jackets and midis with puff sleeves that look cute even under a sweater. If you still work from home, you can easily wear any Zoom-suitable housedress all year round.

Check out 20 Old Navy options ahead of time that we’ll love now and later. Best of all, none is more than $ 50.

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