One of the best magnificence appears that the 2021 Oscars needed to provide

The fashion at this year’s Oscars was superb. But the beauty? Well, it was pretty stellar too. From hairstyles to makeup, the 2021 Oscars beauty looks were some of the best of this modified award season.

When it came to hairstyles, both light, airy strands and fancy updos proved popular. Zendaya channeled Cher with her long locks. Margot Robbie’s low ponytail was polished yet relaxed. At the other end of the spectrum, Amanda Seyfried’s was pure Old Hollywood.

Deep lips were trendy. Vanessa Kirby’s were accentuated by a well-placed blush. The eye-catching eyeshadow was great too. YOU rocked purple shade that blended seamlessly into her Dundas ensemble. While Amanda’s cranberry shimmer made her eyes light up.

Read on to see the best of the 2021 Oscars beauty looks.

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