One of the best broadband offers from BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Sky in October 2021

If faster speeds are important to you – ideal if you work remotely all the time and can’t cope with the frustration of constant buffering – there are a number of great deals on all-fiber connections too. BT, Sky, Virgin Media and a host of new startups including Hyperoptic, Community Fiber, Zzoomm, Giganet and more are currently rolling out gigabit broadband connections across the UK. While these next-gen connections tend to cost a little more, they’re perfect for busy, multi-person households streaming shows in 4K, making video calls, downloading video games, and backing up photos at the same time every night.

With a gigabit broadband connection, you can download 25 songs in one second and a movie in HD in about 36 seconds. has scoured the largest broadband providers to find the best prices and the ultimate speeds. We’ve rounded up the best selection of costs and download speeds below. If you’re currently out of contract, you should find a brilliant new offer below …

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