Olly Eley breaks new floor as the primary non-binary cowl star for UK ELLE

Farrah Storr continues to take UK-based ELLE to new heights and is on a mission to break new ground. Not only did we get a current model as last month’s cover star, the magazine sent shock waves through the industry with its triumphant January cover with Aweng and Alexus Ade-Chuol. Now comes another landmark moment in June 2021 when Olly Eley becomes the release’s first non-binary cover star and photographer Damon Baker captures the Australian-British model for the cover shot.


ELLE recently shared our forum members. “Is it me or did ELLE make her more feminine than Olly Eley usually looks in other shoots?” asked Kokobombon.

“I don’t feel the fashion from this cover,” added Caioherrero.

“Can fashion magazines stop believing they can change the world or how we think and just focus on fashion? It is so offensive and condescending for the reader to accept what is one of our ideals, ”said Gary89.

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“I have no idea who this person is, but maybe they are a thing in the UK? In any case, the cover is bad, ”said Mepps.

“People are crazy because a non-binary person appears on the cover of a fashion magazine. This is why LGBTQ + representation is still important in massive media and fashion,” JPineapple explained.

“The cover itself doesn’t do it as much for me as the Vogue Paris knockoff last month, but I have to say hello to Farrah Storr for taking UK ELLE in a new direction and giving us covers and cover themes, who break new ground. The January cover is about to receive an award! “Noted Vogue28.

WAVES agreed: “That kind of cover and theme will always generate all kinds of thinking for itself. And if it creates awareness and provides sensitive information, that’s good for you and your readers. “

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