Observe your signal to seek out the right summer season gown

When the temperature rises, it suddenly gets too hot in our favorite sweatpants. And with so many places to visit again now that the world is slowly opening up again, that just means we need more summer dresses. Seriously, there aren’t too many!

Whether you’re braving the moisture, jetting into tropical paradise (thanks, COVID vaccine!), Or looking for a cute outfit for Sunday brunch, finding the perfect dress can be difficult. Fortunately, each of us has our guiding compass when it comes to style. Don’t you believe us? Take a look at the sky. No seriously. Our zodiac signs are believed to be the root of personality traits and behavior patterns, all of which culminate in our seasonal fashion choices. It’s as easy to shop by zodiac sign as finding a romantic partner through one, and better yet, listening to our astrological signs usually works best.

As for our summer dresses, an outspoken and fashion-conscious Aquarius would most likely gravitate towards an eye-catching print, while a reserved Libra would likely crave a vintage-inspired floral silhouette. Don’t you believe us? Keep scrolling to find our top summer dresses for each zodiac sign and leave your new outfit to fate.

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