O2 revives “ridiculous” EU roaming costs and prospects will not be glad

Another added: “I signed up with @ O2 when I moved to the UK almost ten years ago. Now that they’ve robbed me of my right to roam freely in Europe while visiting family, I’m out. Bye O2. Thank you Brexit. “

Some are now threatening to switch providers by tweeting a customer: “Boycott O2 due to the introduction of roaming charges in the EU. I will change networks as soon as possible and not use them for a long time.”

And another said, “Bringing back roaming charges @ O2 is ridiculous. Not impressed. Maybe time to switch provider.”

O2 explains more on its website: “We have changed our roaming limits for monthly payments if you use your monthly data volume in our zone Europe.

“If you use data in our Europe zone, a roaming limit of 25 GB ‘Europe Zone Allowance’ will apply from August 2nd if you have a plan with more than 25 GB of data. If your monthly data volume in the UK is exceeded 25 GB, you have a roaming limit of 25 GB when roaming in our Europe zone. This means that you can use up to 25 GB of your roaming limit at no additional cost – we will send you an SMS if you are within the limit approach, and when you reach it you can still use data if you hit our roaming limit but it will be charged £ 3.50 / GB

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