NOW TV simply made broadband entry and watching Sky loads cheaper

NOW, formerly NOW TV, may be famous for its popular streaming service, but the Sky-owned company also gives its customers access to broadband. This is probably no surprise considering that all of the content served by the platform requires an internet connection to be viewed.

What might make you sit up and notice, and NOW’s broadband, is the price at which things drop to new lows. This recent price cut means users can access the Super Fiber – which offers speeds of 63Mbps – for £ 22 a month, which is pretty good value compared to some of its competitors.

BT currently has its Fiber 2 plan for £ 32.99 a month and even Sky is only offering its Superfast speeds for £ 28 a month. This NOW deal runs for 12 months, with things then skyrocketing to a pretty hefty £ 35 a month – so you might want to remember to end your contract at the end of the year to avoid those higher costs.

As a reminder, at 63 Mbit / s you can download a Full HD movie in around 12 minutes. It’s not the fastest, but it should be fine to mute the contents of NOW without seeing any buffering.

In addition to these speeds, you also get unlimited downloads, calls anytime, and there is no activation fee to pay.

In addition to this price cut for broadband, there is also a deal for NOW’s entertainment membership that offers a 50 percent discount for two months.

That means you can watch a range of content from services like Sky One and Sky Atlantic for just £ 4.99. Once the two months are up you pay £ 9.99 although, as with all NOW plans, you can cancel at any time.

These deals come as NOW has just exclusively revealed that it will shake up its streaming service next month.

The big update means that some customers are paying a little less for their TV packages each month, while giving others the opportunity to watch more content without paying anything for it.

NOW has confirmed that it will reduce the price of its cinema membership to £ 9.99 (was £ 11.99) and will bundle children’s TV selection for free for all customers who pay for entertainment membership.

All details about the changes from July can be found here.

A NOW spokesperson told “The new NOW offering will make it easier for members to access the best entertainment in the world, with the flexibility to choose the package that’s right for them while avoiding price increases on the membership offer for core content. “

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