NOW TV is again with the supply of very inexpensive Sky Sports activities and a free HD overhaul

NOW TV offers a subscription-free way to stream some of Sky TV’s best channels and its entire on-demand catalog. The popular streaming service, which transmits content to your television via the Internet, offers numerous badges with which you can unlock access to shows and films from Sky Entertainment, Sky Cinema and the reality TV provider HayU. Prices start at £ 9.99 per month.

Right now, however, it is sports fans who can take advantage of an extremely tempting offering that has all of Sky’s best channels at a discounted price. Those who sign up this weekend can get Sky Sports for the next three months for just £ 24.99 a month. This offer didn’t arrive until January before it was removed. So it’s nice to see it’s back.

This Sky Sports package typically costs £ 33.99 per month so there are significant savings to be made. In contrast to a standard Sky Q contract, you can simply cancel after the three months and no longer pay.

NOW TV’s price includes all major sports content including Sky Football, Sky Cricket and Sky F1. Notably, NOW TV’s basic plans only stream content in standard 720p definition. To get things to your big screen in Full HD, you’ll need to add NOW TV’s Boost HD service, which costs an extra £ 3 per month.

Fortunately, those who buy the Sky Sports package now will get this feature for free for the first week. And not only does it look better, with Boost you can also enjoy a full audio experience over Dolby Digital 5.1.

One final bonus is that you can stream on three devices at the same time, which is perfect for families currently stuck in lockdown.

If this offer sounds good, it will be available until February 8th and you can read about how to sign up here. Remember that in order to access NOW TV you will need a good internet connection and a streaming device or the latest connected TV. Even with the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can now access NOW TV on this popular device, which recently became compatible with all content from Sky.

The news of this deal comes as Sky just announced an update for its Q customers. For anyone struggling to see anything during those endless nights in Lockdown, now is an easy way to get some ideas.

Sky now has a new voice command that delivers a variety of content without you having to lift a finger. Just press the Voice button on your remote and say “What do you want me to see?”

Sky Q then loads a menu with personalized recommendations.

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