NOW, TV customers may quickly get pleasure from two of Sky Q’s greatest options

NOW television has seen some pretty dramatic changes in the past few months. Initially, the service was given a completely new look with a redesigned start screen and light green branding. The name with the word “TV” was also changed so that it is now simply NOW – and yes, we are equally amazed by this choice too.

In case you didn’t already know, NOW is owned by Sky and it seems the satellite television company is on a mission to make things better for customers. The NOW app has already been updated on Apple TVs to make it easier for users to find content faster by adding it to the Up menu.

However, with the possible launch of high dynamic range HDR content on the platform, it could get even better. Sky Q users have been pampered with this great picture quality for a while, and it seems that a similar upgrade could soon be available for those who prefer to stream their content online.

In a recent briefing on his future plans, Sky’s chief product officer Fraser Stirling told that HDR was something NOW was thinking about.

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“We always try to provide the best possible level of content. So that’s something we definitely focus on,” said Stirling.

It’s exciting because HDR provides an image with far greater contrast in the darkest and lightest areas of the screen. So you won’t lose any details when scenes take place in places with strong contrast between lights.

It’s worth noting that NOW already offers its customers the option to add a Boost Package to their plans that will broadcast shows, sports, and movies to TVs in Full HD 1080p quality – without that, you’ll only get the standard 720p definition.

However, there are currently no 4K or HDR options for NOW users, both technologies Sky Q has invested heavily in.

In addition to HDR, the iOS widget is another feature that users can access NOW. Sky recently introduced this iPhone and iPad upgrade for customers, which allows users to easily see proposed new shows and movies or shortcuts to the content they have already watched and want to continue.

Like most iOS 14 widgets, Sky Go can be customized to suit individual tastes. That means you can view it as a small square or the service can take up almost the entire home screen.

When asked why NOW hadn’t followed up with its own iOS widget, Stirling confirmed that it was on the to-do list. Unfortunately, NOW will no longer invest in its own branded streaming devices.

The service seems more than happy to use smart TVs and other products that have this app pre-installed on them.

“We don’t have any plans right now to develop a new streaming stick. I think the focus is really on experiencing all of the platforms we have and then finding the best platforms to expand to,” said Stirling to Pocket Lint.

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